Gran Fondo Classic 100km

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A fantastic ride for enthusiastic cyclists, offering a few hills around (but not over) Mt Alexander, including Harcourt, with amazing views of the scenic countryside. Traversing alongside orchards, vineyards and meandering hills before an easy ride back to Bendigo.

Distance: 100km
Terrain: Undulating with a few steep climbs
Time: 4.5 to 5 hrs approx.

On the BCC Gran Fondo, you can enjoy Bendigo and surrounding countryside at its best. Heading from the CBD, you’ll cycle along a section of road known locally as the “Juvenile”, once used for junior cycling, before heading past old gold tailings and the water race that runs from Malmsbury. Then cycle toward North Harcourt where you’ll climb to the highest point of the ride featuring views over Mt Ida and the Camel Ranges.

From this point, it’s all downhill through apple orchards before you pass the water storage reservoir, and make your way to Porcupine Hill on the old Calder Highway, then a left turn and enjoyable roll into Harcourt, the apple centre of Victoria.

Enjoy a break here before heading to Blackjack Road with its working vineyards before turning back onto the Old Calder. Enjoy the beautiful views along this stretch before passing the infamous Faraday School and look out for the Mica Grange gardens just as you reach the crest of the hill before the mountain turn off. Then it’s downhill with a few sharp corners heading into Sutton Grange, where you’ll be rewarded with a view of Mount Alexander to your left – stunning!

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Km Directions
0.000 Start at Tom Flood Sports Centre
0.368 Head south on Gaol Rd, through the QEO grounds
0.645 Turn left onto View St
1.013 Cross over High St/Midland Hwy/Pall Mall/A300 at the fountain and straight up
Mitchell St
1.596 At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit to continue on Mitchell St
2.339 Continue Straight onto Carpenter St
3.135 At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit to stay on Carpenter St
3.599 Turn left onto Spring Gully Rd
5.304 Turn right onto Burns St
7.570 Turn left onto Diamond Hill Rd
10.350 Turn left to stay on Diamond Hill Rd
11.562 Straight at Hollidays Rd intersection
13.526 Straight at Cahills Rd intersection
13.981 Turn right onto Nankervis Rd
14.156 Veer left onto Mandurang South Rd
15.487 Continue along Mandurang South Rd
18.453 Continue along Mandurang South Rd
20.546 Turn left onto Springs Rd
24.232 Turn right onto Sedgwick Rd
24.338 Sedgwick CFA – Refreshments / Toilets
27.412 Continue on Sedgwick Rd towards Nth Harcourt Rd
28.641 Turn right onto Nth Harcourt Rd
31.307 Continue on Sedgwick Rd towards Nth Harcourt Rd
33.050 ‘Top of the Turdy’ Refreshments/Toilet
37.819 Continue past Harcourt-Sutton Grange Rd onto McIvor Rd
38.230 Continue on McIvor Rd
39.281 Continue on McIvor Rd
41.676 Turn left onto Harmony Way/C794
45.411 Turn left onto Market St (for Aid Station)
Continue straight if not stopping
45.472 Turn right onto High St
45.698 Harcourt Public Rest Stop – Refreshments/Toilets
45.787 Continue on High St and turn right back towards Harmony Way/C794
45.836 Cross over Harmony Way/C794 onto Victoria Rd
Turn right if not stopping at rest area
46.056 Continue on Victoria Rd towards Coolstore Rd
46.229 Left onto Coolstore Rd
46.597 Continue on Coolstore Rd past Mills Rd
47.762 Turn left at Blackjack Rd
49.285 Turn right onto Harmony Way/C794
51.973 Continue on Harmony Way/C794
53.687 Turn left onto Faraday-Sutton Grange Rd
56.569 Continue on Faraday-Sutton Grange Rd towards Joseph Young Drive
57.056 Continue on Faraday-Sutton Grange Rd
Caution – Steep Descent ahead
61.297 Continue on Faraday-Sutton Grange Rd
62.134 Sutton Grange CFA – Refreshments/Toilet
63.042 Turn left onto Bendigo-Sutton Grange Rd
67.501 Continue on Bendigo-Sutton Grange Rd
71.184 Turn right onto Axe Creek Rd
76.240 Turn left onto Myrtle Creek Rd (Emu Creek Rd)
82.547 Turn right at Storeys Rd intersection to continue on Emu Creek Rd
83.408 Emu Creek Tennis Club – Refreshments/Toilets
83.546 Turn left onto Hargreaves Rd
84.451 Turn right onto Red Tank Rd
86.123 Continue on Red Tank Rd past Bakers Lane
86.597 Cross Tannery Lane onto Guys Hill Rd
87.236 Turn right onto Ryalls Ln
88.158 At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit to stay on Ryalls Ln
88.809 Veer Left onto Junortoun Rd
91.226 Turn left onto Trotting Terrace
93.064 Continue onto St Vincents Rd towards McIvor Rd/B280
93.499 Turn left onto McIvor Hwy/B280
95.797 At Reservoir Rd intersection, continue straight on McIvor Rd/B280
97.519 At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit to stay on McIvor Rd/B280
98.099 Continue straight on McIvor Rd/B280
98.513 At the roundabout, take the 4th exit onto Chapel St/McIvor Hwy/B280
98.978 Continue straight across McCrae St onto Bridge St
99.363 Turn left onto Water St
99.485 Turn left into Tom Flood Sports Centre