Challenge Classic 60km

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A challenging ride taking you past historic landmarks, beautiful bushland and rolling countryside with a few hills and native wildlife so keep a look out!

Distance: 60km
Terrain: Undulating with some challenges
Time: 3 hrs 15 mins

Cycling down Bendigo’s historic View Street past the famous Charing Cross Alexander Fountain is a perfect way to start this picturesque ride. As you head out of the CBD you’ll view many of Bendigo’s most famous heritage homes.

A gentle climb before a ride down Diamond Hill Road perfectly showcases the region’s natural bushland and old gold mining ruins.
Expect to see an abundance of kangaroos as you make your way through the “Juvenile”, once used for junior cycling, before heading past the Spring Gully reservoir. Turning onto Springs Road, you’ll experience views of the area that will have you coming back to ride the “Juvenile Track”.

Be sure to take your time and enjoy this stunning backdrop before you descend into Sedgwick and Sutton Grange with its modern homes and farmlets. A short climb up the famous “Gooseneck”, which gets its name from the sweeping shape of the road similar to a goose’s neck, then it’s downhill to Axe Creek Road, past the modern Castle on your right with local stock and kangaroos grazing in the surrounding paddocks. A left at the local telephone exchange, then it’s through bushland to Emu Creek as you zig zag your way through to Strathfieldsaye before joining the 35km and 25km rides for the journey back to Bendigo.

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Km Directions
0.000 Start at Tom Flood Sports Centre
0.370 Head south on Gaol Rd, through the QEO grounds
0.647 Turn left onto View St
1.015 Cross over High St/Midland Hwy/Pall Mall/A300 at the fountain and straight up
Mitchell St
1.598 At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit to continue on Mitchell St
2.346 Continue straight onto Carpenter St
3.136 At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit to stay on Carpenter St
3.601 Turn left onto Spring Gully Rd
5.305 Turn right onto Burns St
7.571 Turn left onto Diamond Hill Rd
10.351 Turn left to stay on Diamond Hill Rd
11.553 Straight at Hollidays Rd intersection
13.528 Straight at Cahills Rd intersection
13.982 Turn right onto Nankervis Rd
14.158 Veer left onto Mandurang South Rd
15.447 Continue along Mandurang South Rd
18.455 Continue along Mandurang South Rd
20.547 Turn left onto Springs Rd
24.233 Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Sedgwick Rd
24.349 Sedgwick CFA – Refreshment Station/Toilets
27.451 Continue on Sedgwick Rd towards Nth Harcourt Rd
28.642 Continue straight past Nth Harcourt Rd
31.808 Turn left onto Axe Creek Rd
36.864 Turn left onto Myrtle Creek Rd (Emu Creek Rd)
43.171 Turn right at Storeys Rd intersection to continue on Emu Creek Rd
44.001 Emu Creek Tennis Club – Refreshments/Toilets
44.170 Turn left onto Hargreaves Rd
45.075 Turn right onto Red Tank Rd
46.756 Continue on Red Tank Rd past Bakers Ln
47.223 Cross Tannery Lane onto Guys Hill Rd
47.860 Turn right onto Ryalls Ln
48.777 At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit to stay on Ryalls Ln
49.451 Veer Left onto Junortoun Rd
51.849 Turn left onto Trotting Terrace
53.688 Continue onto St Vincents Rd towards McIvor Rd/B280
54.123 Turn left onto McIvor Hwy/B280
56.416 At Reservoir Rd intersection, continue straight on McIvor Rd/B280
58.124 At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit to stay on McIvor Rd/B280
58.723 Continue straight on McIvor Rd/B280
59.137 At the roundabout, take the 4th exit onto Chapel St/McIvor Hwy/B280
59.593 Continue straight across McCrae St onto Bridge St
59.987 Turn left onto Water St
60.109 Turn left into Tom Flood Sports Centre