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With four ride options developed to suit a broad range of cyclists, the Bendigo Cycle Classic (BCC) rides cater for everyone!

Ride Type Ride (km) Start Time Est. Finish Time Early Bird $

Ends 17th Sept

Standard $ Notes
Gran Fondo Classic 100 8.30am 1.00-1.30pm $95 $105 Free jersey for first 100 entries.
Challenge Classic 60 9.30am 12.45pm $55 $65
Social Classic 35 10am 12.30pm $35 $45
Family Classic 25 10.30am 12.15pm $25 $35

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist wanting to push your own limits, race your best time or you’re new to riding and want to kick back at your own pace, the BCC is the event for you!

All routes leave from the renowned Tom Flood Sports Centre and travel though the historic streets of Bendigo before meandering through the surrounding, picturesque countryside, a perfect way to explore the region before arriving back at the sports centre.

Note: Rides through the CBD will be assisted by the Bendigo Council and all routes will be guided by cheerful volunteers at the various medical and hydration stations.