100% of all funds raised via entry will be donated 50/50 to The OTIS Foundation and Give Me 5 for Kids in Bendigo!

The OTIS Foundation

The OTIS Foundation provides retreat accommodation, at no cost, to women and their families dealing with the challenges breast cancer.

The hundreds of guests who take advantage of The OTIS Foundation’s retreats each year consider it an amazing gift at a time when they need it the most. Our retreats offer time out to relax, reconnect and regroup and for some, a time to create special memories.

Every $75 raised helps to provides one night away for a woman and her family.

Visit the OTIS Foundation website

Give Me 5 For Kids

Thanks to the open hearts and generosity of the public, we continue to raise more funds annually for our local children’s hospital ward, and make a real difference to the lives of sick local kids.

Each year these generous donations provide our wonderful hospital with valuable and leading edge equipment that ensure our kids get the best care they deserve.

The name “Give Me Five for Kids” has a twofold meaning. The original simple act of giving “5 cent pieces”, which has been overtaken these days by the symbolism of “giving a hand” to sick children.

Visit the Give Me 5 for Kids website