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Tip #5: Stretching

Use muscles, then relax muscles. You can’t do one without the other and expect them to increase their performance over time. This article will talk about three popular methods to relax the muscle fibres that professional cyclists use today. Muscles are responsible for propelling your bike forward. They work as a tireless team until [...]

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Tip #4: Nutrition

Energy in must equal energy out. On a broad level, we will discuss some typical examples and types of food and also point you in the right direction for professional help in this area and some tips on what metrics to monitor. A fitness campaign always comes with a renewed motivation to improve nutrition. [...]

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Tip #3: Group Training

Push yourself further by harnessing the power of the group. This article will talk about harnessing the power of group training. Bendigo has some wonderful cycling networks that can help you achieve more from your cycling than possible if trying to “go it alone”. It is in our nature to train as a group, [...]

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Tip #2: Equipment

The right equipment and proper fit are paramount to your safety and comfort in the saddle.This article will be a detailed look at making sure you have the right equipment for the event and are correctly fitted to the bike, to optimise power and reduce the risk of injury. We will also talk about the [...]

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Tip #1: Writing a Training Program

Writing a training program? Here are some things to consider... Design philosophy Most training programs today are designed around ‘periodisation’. It has been found that the fastest way for the body to improve at a particular activity is to hit it with waves of stress and recovery. This is periodisation. Aerobic-based sports quite often [...]

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