Energy in must equal energy out.

On a broad level, we will discuss some typical examples and types of food and also point you in the right direction for professional help in this area and some tips on what metrics to monitor.

A fitness campaign always comes with a renewed motivation to improve nutrition. When preparing for the Bendigo Cycling Classic, be careful not to go on a health kick that is low in calories or low in a particular fuel type such as fats, protein or carbohydrates. It is easy to confuse healthy eating for sport with nutrition plans to lose fat.

Ask yourself, what category are you in?

Many top-level athletes now have a body composition analysis performed periodically to determine their Base Metabolic Rate (BMR). This will establish how many calories you need to maintain your condition. From this point your energy burnt from cycling (most cycling computers now calculate this) and any activity during the day can then be added to your BMR to find the total amount of energy required to “Feed the Beast”!

You can get your body composition analysis done at Bendigo Body Composition at a relatively low cost for the valuable information it provides. You can also get a nutrition plan designed for training and the day of the event at Bendigo Body Composition. I highly recommend this investment.

On the day of the Bendigo Cycling Classic be sure to have planned your nutrition beforehand. A dress rehearsal is a wise idea. Remember water is the first priority then carbohydrates followed by electrolytes to help the water absorb in to muscles correctly. Carbohydrates can be absorbed quickly if the Glycemic Index (GI) of the carbohydrate is high. You can check this on the label of most foods. Once the event has started go for high GI foods to reduce the workload on your stomach, as it will have reduced blood flow due to blood being supplied to working muscles. Often you will not feel normal hunger or thirst sensations whilst exercising so you must follow a schedule and not go by sensations.

Remember your stomach needs to be trained as well as the rest of your body, so use similar foods on hard training days and you will be trouble-free in this area.

Congratulations on improving your physical and mental wellbeing by getting on the bike.

Train smart

Matt Wallace