Writing a training program? Here are some things to consider…

Design philosophy

Most training programs today are designed around ‘periodisation’. It has been found that the fastest way for the body to improve at a particular activity is to hit it with waves of stress and recovery. This is periodisation.

Aerobic-based sports quite often use a six-week periodised training cycle. Program designs usually focus on cardio zone training. Cardio zone training is an extended period of time training at a particular tempo, power or heart rate. This will force faster adaptation to aerobic-based systems in the body. You will find a handy chart on training zones in the link at the bottom of this article.

Phases in the program

The mind also copes well with a six-week training cycle. Within this cycle base work will stress the mind, body and its endurance system. Intensity work will train the mind and body to tolerate and metabolise lactic acid more efficiently. Recovery during a six-week cycle will allow the body to grow and repair.

It is important whilst in a base phase of training to be disciplined enough to avoid most intensity, as this time also allows your body’s intensity systems to grow and repair. When the time comes to do intensity we will reduce the base work and the body’s base systems will repair and grow. This concept is called ‘phase separation’.

Finally, we must consider some off-the-bike activities to speed up recovery and dedicate some time into our program for these activities. Always write down some instructions on nutrition and stretching in your training template.

Please feel free to hit the link below and use the training template I have designed for a typical 100km 6-week goal program.

Cardio zones
Download 6 week program

Congratulations on improving your physical and mental wellbeing by getting on the bike.

Train smart

Matt Wallace